Financial Guide

Benefits of Financial Planning

Get on a step-by-step journey to navigate and enjoy life's moments with increased financial clarity and confidence, using custom-planning services and tools. Take a simple step today.

Getting Started

Becoming an adult is hard. Suddenly, you're responsible for a lot more, and a big part of that responsibility includes learning to manage money. It's not easy to manage money well, but learning the basics is key to getting started.


College is expensive. Period. But the long-term payoff makes it worth it. The important part is to get through college with as few loans as possible, and then pay them off as quickly as possible once you are finished.


Newly married or getting married soon? It's exciting to choose to live your life together! It also means learning to navigate difficult topics like money – but open and clear discussion about finances leads to a happier, more honest relationship.

Starting a Family

New children in your life are a great gift. All the preparation and work to welcome the child give way to the joy of having him or her in your arms. Build your family's financial future by taking steps to protect and plan ahead.

Budget and Debt Counseling

If you are facing a difficult financial situation or need basic financial counsel about a mortgage, your credit report, student loans or even the household budget, Lydia Fund offers a compassionate and thoughtful service that can help.